yanks bad defense

Each team that the Yankees have played in the last four series have fielded ground balls and pop ups like little league right fielders. This seemed fairly obvious to me but I couldn’t find anyone else that was talking about it.

After two weeks of talking to myself about it I tweeted to the guy who does all the research for the YES Network broadcast. He confirmed my thoughts.

With my brain confirmed a genius I went to the video footage to put it all together. Here is my masterpiece. I call it “Teams suck when they play the Yankees especially Yadi because he STINKS”

(I don’t know how to get this video to embed here and if I post it on any other forum the MLB people will murder me, so just click this link below to watch below)



The Yankees could have no part in this weird phenomenon. It could just be a stretch of dumb luck that happened to fall in the same two-week period. Or the Yankees could have everything to do with this. We can tout Judge for hitting the ball so hard opposing infielders shit themselves at the thought of stopping it. We can credit Ronnie Baseball for making so much contact and running around so small that opposing defenses rush to try and make the out. We can credit Ellsbury and Gardner for finally being aggressive on the base paths, which leads to catchers popping their asses up to be ready to throw them out, which leads to them not being in great position to stop breaking balls bouncing in the dirt. We can say it’s all happening because of the aura and mystique and the ghosts. It’s all acceptable. Bottom line, the Yanks are awesome and other teams are not awesome.


Bonus Recap of last night’s game because it was such a fun time!