So the backstory of this video is that the guy flying plane has never flown before (shocker). He just purchased this thing, told everyone he was just going to taxi it down the runway, and then just decided to throttle it and go for a joy ride. What a bunch of suckers. “Oh I gonna need your pilots license, and 1000 hours, and your instrument rating…” “yeah gimme one second lemme just get-VROOOOOM”

Why the fuck not? I spent a hundred grand on the thing, I’m gonna hop in and do barrel rolls with the Blue Angels if I feel like it, right?  You don’t read the instructions when you get a new toy for Christmas. You pop the batteries in and learn the basics when it vaporizes into a million pieces on impact. License, smlicense. Fill me up with some gas and stand back. As long as I don’t land on anyone/anything important, what do you care? My life, my plane, my business.

Unfourtunatley our camera man did not see it this way. Total aviation nerd, and for him there is nothing worse than some newbie taking his precious hobby that has required thousands of dollars, hours of hard work, and years of dedication, and just going “We’re gonna do it live, fuck it!”. No wonder he wanted to see a crash. He even named the title “Guy Crash Lands Brand New Plane” when we clearly saw was a landing. Was a it a sloppy landing? Yes. But I didn’t see one piece of that plane get damaged, the guy didn’t get hurt, and didn’t hurt anyone else.  To me that’s an incredibly successful first flight, not a crash landing.

Ice Man up there just showed the rest of the aviation community that flying can be done without all the ribbon cutting, authority, and stuffiness. Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett…some people were born terrors of the sky, and this dude is one of them. Don’t pray for his demise because he has more aeronautical instincts balls than you do.