Recap & Thoughts

We open up with a nice friendly postcard of Niles holding a dead Mexicans head up like a hunting trophy. Sally sees the postcard and yells at Pete. She tells him that their sons are going to grow up to be just like Pete, who is just like his father. This is the last thing Pete wants to hear.

niles postcard


Back in 1849 Toshoway and Charges the Enemy debate if the tribe should head north to find food or stay where they are and fight the Tonks to keep the land. Young Eli wasn’t invited to the tribal council, so he spies from outside the tepee.

Toshoway tells Young Eli that they are going to war and Eli’s job will be to hold the horses. He says something like, “Once you can kill a deer with your bow, tracked across hard rock, then you can kill a human”. Then he paints Eli’s face like they’re at a town fair.


In 1915, Pete urges Old Eli to sell the ranch, pay off their debts and start somewhere else. This is the last thing Eli wants to hear.
Eli takes his granddaughter Jeannie on a ride. They run into Ramon, a guy who works for the McCulloughs. Ramon has a ‘cousin’ with him. He tells Eli his cousin needs work but as he’s telling Eli he is dabbing at a fresh wound on his face, tipping off Eli. Eli sees what’s happening and shoots the ‘cousin’, Eduardo dead. Ramon says, sorry, and lets Eli know that there are a dozen of them coming to attack right now.

This attack is being led by Ancieto Pizana, the same guy who borrowed supplies from Pedro two episodes ago.

In 1849, Young Eli and the Comanches come across the Tonks camp and it is riddled with sickness and death. Toshoway sends Eli in to steal the horses.

Young Eli looks dumb as hell. This scene makes the show look like an SNL parody skit.


As Eli walks the Tonk ground we see dead bodies and how bad the disease was. I’m guessing it was small pox that got them. This would make sense since earlier in the episode Charges the Enemy said the Tonks get fat off the whites. Eli talks to a dying Tonk and we see he has a blanket next to him. The US gave the Indians smallpox blankets so yeah, the Tonks got the Pox.

Oh Jesus Christ, I type these up as I go. Everything I just said they confirmed in conversation. That’s why this show isn’t that great. Good writing shows you what is going on and makes you put the final pieces together in your head. Bad writing using the dialogue to force feed it down your throat.

The dying Tonk tells Eli to take the smallpox blankets and saddles back to the Comanches to kill them all. Eli won’t die because he got a vaccine (heyy shout out vaccines).

In 1915, Jonas and Sally are in the shed when the Mexican raid begins. Jonas gets shot. He’s gonna die and the show probably thinks we should care but they only introduced us to him last week. He’s not a big character.

Charlie is too pussy to pull the trigger during the firefight so his dad does it for him and he is taken back by his dad’s badassery.


Jeanie ran to the Garcia to get help. Pedro resists at first because he doesn’t want to officially take the McCulloughs side. Maria speaks some wisdom to him and makes him change his mind.

The McCullough hide in the house and block the front door with all the furniture like they are pulling a college prank. This is a great strategy because there are clearly no other entry points into the house.

Garcia and his men show up and save the day. It’s always nice to have caring neighbors.

Young Eli, in 1849, decides not to spread a deadly disease among his captors.

Prairie Flower speaks some shitty English to Young Eli, they flirt for a little then kiss.

Jonas needs to go to the hospital in Austin. They didn’t even have him die, no balls on these writers.

Jeannie comes home and Eli finds oil on her horse’s foot. That means she rode through oil. That means the Ranch is worth money.

Jeannie is like “OYLLLL?”