TMZ- Travis Scott is not responsible for the kid who fell from a 3rd story balcony at his concert … despite the fact he encouraged people from the 2nd story balcony to jump.Sources close to Travis tell TMZ … the rapper never encouraged the teenager to jump into the mosh pit … a jump that caused serious injuries including a possible broken leg and fractured back.

Travis famously encourages fans to stage dive, but his position is that there’s a fundamental difference between the 2nd and 3rd floor balcony. He told fans to form a net before encouraging fans on the 2nd story to leap, but never suggested the 3rd story was safe.

We’re told Travis’ team is in touch with the kid who hurt himself and are launching a full investigation into what happened … whether the fan jumped or was pushed.A rep adds, “The safety of everyone is held in the highest regard and we are currently conducting an internal investigation to ensure that this does not happen again. We are deeply concerned about the guest who was injured and intend to offer him our support.”

As we reported, the one thing Travis did offer at the concert was his ring, which we’re told the fan accepted.

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So the actual video of the kid jumping from the 3rd floor wasn’t captured, but the story is he broke both his legs.  Travis Scott gave him his ring as his corpse was being stretchered out, so I guess its “epic” and maybe worth it, but it looks like this is the end Travis fans hanging from the chandeliers and leaping from balconies for a while. To some people a ring from your favorite artist and 15 minutes of fame is worth multiple surgeries, thousands of dollars in medical bills and months of physical therapy. Personally, I’ll pass. I mean look at the look at that kids face. That’s pain, regret, and fear all bundled up in one expression. That hurt. I shouldn’t have done that. I fear I have lost my mobility.

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That’s the look you make when your body is broken. Like when you get the wind knocked out of you, and you think your going to die. Can’t move anything, can barely inhale, just trying to force any amount of air through your pursed lips that are tensed up along with the rest of your broken body. All that results is a subtle, shivering moan like Principle McVicker in Beavis and Butthead. But hey, here’s a ring. Feel better!

I also just love the approach from “Team Travis” here.  “My client was clearly encouraging people to jump from the second story balcony, but the third story balcony?! No, no, no, no. Mr Scott is in NO way about that life. My client may be liable for injuries, but he is very territorial about where these injuries happen.” Sounds ridiculous but it may actually be genius. Hey was I wrong for telling people to do THIS? Yes, but no one got hurt doing this. That dude got hurt doing THAT. I didn’t tell him to do that. Seems pretty airtight to me.