I can always respect a good attempt to get out of work, or possibly strike gold in a frivolous lawsuit. Nothing worse than when a chance encounter to cash in misses you by half a foot.  She had the brief moment of hesitation where she realized how close this sprinkler was to landing on her. Then she quickly thought of how many times she has prayed for something exactly like this to happen. Yeah, way too close to pass up. This thing fell on my head. Decision made, done deal.  That’s my story, and that’s what happened.  Mash this thing into my forehead, and start crying bloody murder.

Real heads up play if I’ve ever seen one . She ran through all the resulting outcomes in her head like she was the John Nash of secretaries. Best case scenario: I sue this company, cry in court for punitive damages claiming concussions, nerve damage, the whole nine. Never work another day in my life and live on an island with millions.  Worst case scenario: I go home right now claiming I’m dizzy and spend the rest of the day in bed watching Netflix. The security camera installed right above my desk captures my entire master plan and I get fired/possibly charged for insurance fraud.  It’s a gamble, but with a hell of an upside.