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The Daily Mail-

Venezuelan protesters resorted to throwing excrement bombs known as ‘poopootov’ cocktails at police during the messiest day of the six-week wave of riots.Demonstrators have started hurling feces – both animal and human – at police, alongside rocks, petrol bombs and tear gas during violent street clashes in Caracas.

People have been storing the excrement in plastic pots ready to throw – while some have even been collecting it from their children.’They have gas – we have excrement,’ reads an image floating around social media to advertise Wednesday’s protests, which were dubbed ‘S*** March’.

With inflation in the high triple-digits, shortages of the most basic medicines, and millions suffering food scarcity, the country is undergoing a major crisis.For weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets, angry at the government of unpopular President Nicolas Maduro.

‘The kids go out with just stones. That’s their weapon. Now they have another weapon – excrement,’ said a 51-year-old dentist preparing containers of feces in her home for protesters to launch at authorities.

So as the protests rage in Venezuela, activists have now resorted to new innovative ways to fight against the armed police slinging tear gas: Shit. Everyone from doctors, lawyers, dentists, and parents are banding together and making Poopootov cocktails for the cause and leaving little heart felt messages on them like they are about to be loaded into the Anola Gay.

Gotta hand it to you Venezuelan protesters, this is a HELL of a move. Despite the few minutes it took to stop dry heaving as I was looking at the pictures, I commend them on their ingenuity. Think about it. It’s a perfectly safe way to gain territory, immobilize enemy advancement, and to mentally coerce the opposing force into surrender.  Getting attacked with rocks, bottles, or even bombs just makes the sleeping dog angrier. You light one of our guys on fire, we are coming out throwing behind your clean-up hitter the next day. Pretty simple. But getting clocked with one of these bad-boys?

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There is NO coming back from that. You’re hanging up the riot gear and joining the other side. Like Rog Murtaugh becoming “Too old for this shit”, you go home, grab your babies dirty diapers, and join the resistance. They seem to do a pretty good job of not getting pelted with feces. Merely stepping in shit totally ruins your week, especially if you notice it too late. Can’t imagine getting plastered by one of these shit scud missiles that’s been marinating in the hot South American sun for a couple days. Guards start dry heaving, trying to brush it off their pepper spray cans, checking every inch of their body to see where else they have been hit. Demoralized, distracted, and essentially ineffective. Battle over. Riot Won.