Source Deadpool is coming to television. FXX has ordered a 10-episode animated series about the Marvel character from Atlanta creator Donald Glover and his brother Stephen. The series is expected to air sometime in 2018.
The brothers will serve as executive producers, showrunners, and writers for the as-of-yet-untitled series, which will be produced by Marvel Television for FXX. It’s not clear how the show will fit into the growing universe of Marvel films and television shows, but its sister channel FX is already home to another Marvel show, Legion. No cast for the show has been announced, and it’s not known if Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed the character in last year’s blockbuster film, will be involved.

I first heard this news yesterday afternoon and I couldn’t care less. My assumption was this would go the same route as The Real Ghostbusters, which took a great movie and dumbed it down for the kids. Apparently I was wrong, that’s not the case at all for 3 very good reasons.

1– Donald Glover is taking the lead. He’s an incredibly talented dude and isn’t the kind of person to agree to a cheap cash-grab project. Having Glover on board means Deadpool will be the Deadpool we all know and love… which is an asshole mercenary.

2– The show will air on FXX. There have only been a few animated series on that channel, and they all share one thing in common- kids shouldn’t watch them.

3– It’s going to be R rated. Boom. That means all the graphic shit that makes the comic books so entertaining will be able to make it onto screen.