WGRZ-BUFFALO, N.Y. – You’ve all heard the ‘Cellino and Barnes’ jingle and seen their commercials.But the longtime legal partnership between Ross Cellino and Stephen Barnes may be coming to an end. Civil court documents that were filed Wednesday in State Supreme Court show that Ross Cellino is suing his longtime legal partner, Stephen Barnes, and the law firm Cellino and Barnes, in order to dissolve the corporation. The documents show Barnes is scheduled to appear in court on May 19 to show why the firm should not be dissolved. We don’t know why Cellino is suing to have the firm broken up.


WHAT?! This can’t be. An absolute crying shame. Not sure I want to live on an earth that doesn’t have Cellino and Barnes behind the wheel of personal injury law-suits . Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait. Anyone not living under a rock, or in the Tri-State area knows the commercials, the jingle, the absolutely unforgettable toll-free number chiming in from the sky in a cringeworthy cadence. (Eight hundred eight eight eight…….eighteighteighteight)

Cellino and Barnes commercials are incredibly nostalgic for me. Takes me back to day games on the couch, falling into a deep slumber with the sweet sounds of a law-firm ad. Just a grown man getting lulled to sleep by low budget music.  Or perhaps a nice moment of levity during a heated jeopardy battle ( usually with myself). Regardless, you can bet the house you will be humming or whistling that jingle by the end of the day. Contagious. Infectious. Zero thought put into the melody. The trifecta for any good jingle. Up there in the HOF with North-End Wine and Liquor and the classic Hover-round song

To say I need more information about this story, is an incredible understatement. I am FROTHING out the mouth for the details here. So many questions. No news as to why Cellino is suing Barnes. Will Barnes strike back with a counter-suit? Will they get different partners and just turn the entire jingle game on its head? Will there be any dirt that comes out of these trials. Is Barnes fucking Cellino’s wife or something? How do you find an un-biased Jury that has never heard of them?  More importantly, who gets the coveted phone number?I have no idea who’s side do I take here. I never really thought of them as two separate people, more of a single entity. Like Sigfried and Roy, or Hall and Oates. One doesn’t exist without the other.