I’ve been on the road all day and haven’t had a chance to really get into this cover thing, but honestly I didn’t care about it. If anyone would be immune to the Madden curse it would be HISTORY’S GREATEST QUARTERBACK Tom Brady. I was able to convince myself that it didn’t matter. Gronk was on the cover last year and we still won the whole damn thing.

I was doing fine. I was doing great in fact. But then I saw that video. My heart dropped when I saw him smash that mirror. FOR REAL, TOM? ARE YOU BEING SERIOUS? HA HA HA OH MAN LETS REALLY MAKE SURE WE GET ALL THE BAD JUJU ON OUR SIDE FOR THIS SEASON. HILARIOUS. SUCH A JOKESTER. YOU DICKHEAD.

Screw you, Tom. If you go down with a torn ACL I won’t cry for you. This is on you. You could’ve just laughed the Madden cover off, you didn’t have to throw middle fingers to the universe.