Celtics Bandwagon.jpg

I have a unique problem as a sports fan- I’m from Boston. That means I have too many teams worth watching. Sure, I could probably watch them all but I’m interested in maintaining a normal life. I like my TV shows way too much to ditch them just so I can watch every Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins game simultaneously. I watch what I can and stay up to date with their records, standings, and anything major that comes up. Patriots are different, because they own my life and I’m thankful for every second I get to spend being a Patriot fan. If Bill Belichick ever needs an organ transplant I’ll gladly donate every single organ in my body to him. It’s the least I can do for what he’s given me.

So now the Celtics are in the Eastern Conf. Finals. I’ve broken out my Antoine Walker jersey which means it’s officially bandwagon time. I’ve been watching the playoffs this year, but not religiously. When I say it’s bandwagon time, I mean it’s time to get DEEP into the Celtics weeds and start rearranging my schedule around the games. That’s what you do in situations like this.  I believe playoffs should be exempt from the bandwagon ridicule. It’s an incredible thing watching an entire city rally behind a team. Boston’s a little different because we only get amped up when they make the conference finals. Why? Oh because the last time we didn’t have a single playoff team was 17 years ago. They playoffs are kind of our thing. (We do alright, if you haven’t heard.)

I’m the first to admit I’m not a big Celtics fan, but obviously I’m ride or die for any team with Boston on their chest. But the bigger factor here is Lebron. I HATE LEBRON JAMES WITH EVERY OUNCE OF MY SOUL and I need the Celtics to beat him/the Cavs. I know it’s a tall order because despite my hatred I know he’s an incredible basketball player, but he has to lose sometime. He’s such an insufferable asshole and nobody deserves failure more than him. I hate him. Hate. It’s a very real level of hate. I see him on tv and my blood pressure goes up. I want to see him cry. Aside from the Celtics winning the championship over the Lakers in 2008, my happiest basketball memory is the Celtics pushing Lebron to his breaking point in 2010 which led to him quitting on Cleveland and ruining his legacy by joining a super team in Miami to get his rings. Pathetic. Maybe we can do that again this year and we’ll get to see him rip his dumb jersey off again.

Quick rant:
the term “bandwagon” sucks… Every year douchebag diehards throw it around like they’re the only ones worthy of enjoying their team’s success. It blows my mind. Their simple brains can’t comprehend that city-wide excitement and enthusiasm is GOOD for their team. Sure there might be a slight bump in ticket prices next season but hey, the viewing experience is SO much greater in a crowd than having an entire section to yourself. Go ask a Montreal baseball fan if they would have wanted more casual fans getting involved with their team. So excuse me while I get excited for the Celtics in the playoffs despite having nothing personally invested. I’m allowed to have fun.