I was doing my usual routine on my commute to work… It starts with Facebook, then click-bait link, continuing to hit “next page” on a list of 23 Photos that are Amazing AF, Get mad at myself for getting sucked in, get into another click-bait link, etc… But then I stumbled upon this little gem and I’m in love ❤

This sub-minute long video just killed me. It is outrageous. I’m not even going to consider the ridiculousness of a video advertising a fucking FONT, I’m just blown away by the execution and pageantry of it all. Do you wanna be cool or a fucking loser? UMM I wanna be cool! Gimme that font! OH AND ITS FREE!?!? this is the best Wednesday morning ever. EVER!

Being that my name is Sheehan you can imagine what my notebooks looked like in elementary school.  COVERED with those stupid/awesome S’s. I even made my own alphabet when I was 10 before custom fonts were even a thing and this video opened the floodgates of my memory. I even had lowercase letters. THINK OF THE THINGS I COULD HAVE DONE WITH SOME GRAPHICS AND TECH KNOWLEDGE WHEN I WAS 10 YEARS OLD. I’d be the Zuckerberg of fonts. Look at this quick sketch I threw together using the unlocked font from my brain.


It needs some refinement but I think I missed my calling. I should’ve gone into that font life. I could’ve changed the world… or at least made it a lot cooler.