Really wanted that sweep. Coming off the losing series versus the Astros a sweep would have been great. I’ll take two out of three though, I’ll take that anytime.

It was truly weird to see our offense struggle that much. I know Duffy isn’t as scrub but he’s also not Chris Sale and he just put together a Chris Sale performance against us.

I loved Ellsbury bunting for a base hit in the 4th inning. Duffy had been perfect through three innings. If that kept going you eventually get into that stupid baseball territory where bunting to breakup the perfect game would be considered faux pas. Good for Jacoby getting it done early and breaking that shit up. It also looked like it set Duffy back a little. He struggled through that inning, took a lot longer between pitches. I thought we were going to break through. It was a wrong thought.

Carter went back to sucking. You can’t give him too much shit because the entire lineup kinda stunk. If the majority of the lineup isn’t hitting you can’t expect Carter to be the one shining star. He will most likely only ever get hits on night when the entire offense is getting hits. A pitcher isn’t going to get through Gary, Holliday, Castro and Judge then get beat by Carter. He also hurt us pretty bad on the missed double play. Technically the error is on Castro for the bad throw but Carter has to scoop that as much as Castro has to make a better throw. We’ll split the blame up equally between the two.



Gumby is young and fresh. He wasn’t supposed to be in the bigs this year but he pitched his way onto the team and so far he has shown he can grind through games. He belongs here. He has four pitches and he has a great attitude on the mound. He still gets into too much trouble though. He makes one or two mistakes a game and he needs to learn to avoid those. I believe he will. I still have faith in him.

That home run last night is a good example of one of these mistakes. The pitch earlier he tried to get Escobar with a 3-2 curveball. I love that he has enough faith in himself to throw a 3-2 curve. He hung it a little bit though and it never fell into the zone. So Escobar takes first on the walk and Gumby is slapping himself that he didn’t get the curve over. The very next pitch, he opens up Moustakas with that same curveball. This time he makes sure he gets it over the plate. Except it gets way too much of the plate and Moustakas isn’t going to let a mistake like that slide. Boom, three-run homer, five-run game.



It was nice to get a little something in the 9th inning. Good job Didi. We still haven’t been shut out. That may be a pointless and meaningless stat but hey, we’re the only team in the American league that can claim it.

Starlin Castro needs to run past first base before he pulls something. It’s starting to get scary and annoying.


That’s all. Go Yanks.