I’ve Never Been More Mad After A Game

That was the most frustrating end to a game we have had all season. Obviously, if you pinch hit for Carter or Romine at the end we don’t automatically tie it up or win it. But to not pinch hit for Carter and Romine there is so inept and stupid it makes my blood boil thinking about it. How could no one on the coaching staff go to Thompson and say, hey Robby, maybe we should let Gary get a hack at it?

His reasoning after the game was so absurd as well. MLB had it as part of their recap videos last night but have now cut the clip shorter so it doesn’t include that question and answer. Basically, Thompson said ‘Gary was never available so my options were limited’, as if we were all just going to accept that Gary wasn’t available. Yo, Rob, he was fucking available. We all saw him in the dugout. His arms weren’t broken.

Moving on from that fiasco!

I give a good amount of credit to Larry Rothschild for Severino turning that performance around. He talked to him between innings and had a key meeting at the mound after Sevy walked the bases loaded. Sevy was getting squeezed though. He threw two 3-2 pitches that were borderline strikes. If the ump calls them we’re all saying they were fantastic pitches. The problem was he was trying to strike them out all on his own. Rothschild walked out there and probably told him to keep pounding the zone and let the batter help you strike them out. The very next batter he threw three pitches in the zone and got the swinging K.


Torreyes needs to make that play at third. Nothing else to that.

Clippard can’t throw four straight balls to Kiermaier when Longoria is on deck. You have to make someone else beat us.

This Rays lineup is pretty good I guess…or maybe they’re all just hot right now which is a little scary. Either way, the entire team looks the same. Just a bunch of 6 foot something white dudes with facial hair. Every time Souza comes to the plate I think, “fuck Longo is up again”.



Okay, that’s it. Go Yanks.