A Fan’s Notes – Yanks beat Rays 3-2 – Judge is Superman

CC looked good today. He pitched well but even better I thought he looked sharp. Last game he pitched well but he was getting hit hard. Today he felt more in control. I don’t know if it was a mechanical adjustment or a mental one but it has worked so far. I hope it’s here for the long haul but in my gut I know we will get a couple clunkers from him.
That Rays lineup is tough. Or at least they play us tough. I don’t enjoy playing them one bit.

Chris Archer is so frustrating to watch pitch. He’s like a little kid. Every time he does something he needs to scream his emotions to the crowd with body language. If he doesn’t get a strike call he stops, looks befuddled, shakes his head. He wants the entire crowd to be thinking “Oh look, Archer didn’t like that call. Oh look Archer is upset.” Then on the other hand, when he gets a big out he jumps up and down, screams, fist pumps so the crowd understands “oh wow, Archer is happy”. Dude, SHUT UP. Stop it. That’s how little leagues with no sense of the world act.

Judges dive in the field was the defensive play of the game. It quite literally saved the game and stopped Longoria from putting the nail in the coffin once again. BUT if we’re speaking ‘per ability’, then CC’s play in the second was just as good. It took CC the same amount of energy it took Judge. CC was chuggagggagggin and then went bare hand! The big fella!



We also had a great defensive play from Headley and Carter early in the game.

The offense struggled and we struck out bajillion times but that makes the win even better in a way. It’s a very positive spin but we need to be able to win games when we’re not getting 7 runs on 13 hits. We need to be able to win close games with timely hitting and shut down pitching. That’s what we did today. That’s good.

I’d love to see how rug burned Judge’s body is right now. Fuck making guys play on that field.


That’s all. Go Yanks! If you don’t already, follow on twitter and let’s talk Yanks baseball, it’s my favorite thing to talk about.



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