Replay! For the Win!

As strange as it is I’m still so amped up from that replay being overturned. A replay was the most exciting part of that game for me. I was sitting on the couch watching calmly. The ball gets hit up the middle and first I’m just happy Castro got to it to prevent the runner from scoring. Then he throws it to first and I’m thinking oh shit we can get an out? Then he’s called safe. And Carter pulls a Chuck Knoblauch / David Cone by looking at the ump and forgetting about the runner. It was a roller coaster of emotions. All squeezed into three seconds.

The first time Yes showed the replay I popped off the couch. “Was he out?” Then they showed another replay and I got closer. “That mother fucker is out!” By the third replay, my face was an inch from my TV and my eyes were as wide as the screen. I never thought the umps would over turn it because it was so close. When Kay said they did I fist pumped as hard as I did when Gardner hit the 3 run homer to tie it in Chicago. Straight pumped up off a replay being overturned. It saved the game though!



My natural reaction was kind of a huge slap in the face. It felt like, ‘woah, okay, I am very invested in this Yankees team. I just fist pumped an overturned replay to a game in May’. I’m all in and it’s fantastic.

Then my boy, my man, my stud, my number one, Chris Carter steps to the plate and hits a wall scraper home run. Now I’m cloud 9. Amazing.

As for some other notes from the game. Didi is red hot and I love watching his swing.

That’s all for tonight. Go Yanks!



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