Is Aaron Judge a good baseball player? Yes. Yes he is. Could he potentially win AL Rookie of the Year and perhaps AL MVP if he keeps this up? Yes, Yes he could. But this catch?

Is a Sportscenter Number 1 Play at BEST. If I recall correctly Ken Singleton actually called it the best catch the Yankees have had all year. Pretty pathetic if that’s the case, Ken. Saw it live, sighed ” damn, nice grab”out loud, and that was it. Minutes later my phone is blowing up from my family/friends that are Yankees fans, asking if I saw “the catch”, like this was nothing short of Odell Beckham Jr. or Dwight Clark. Forget the fact that the Yanks lost 2/3 to Tampa, the bulk of their bullpen is exposed, and Tanaka is falling faster than Bill Cosby’s dinner date. Lets talk about one good catch.

That’s all it was.   It was a good grab, nothing insanely athletic. He covered a decent amount of ground and used his height to be able to extend and make the play. Out of all the diving grabs where the player is “flying”, fully extended like superman, this doesnt even crack top 20.  But because its this years golden Yankee, its front page news.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 12.50.33 PM

Now if you want to see jaw dropping highlights that make you believe that angels do exist in the outfield, just keep an eye on Kevin Kiermaeir. A real “Superman”.  See the thing is about Superman, is that he’s an average Joe that just happens to have super strength and abilities. Clark Kent isn’t some 6-7 near 300 pound behemoth that pummels  the bad guys and make over-exaggerated catches in center field.  He’s a normal sized regular dude, but when he gets his chance to do good his powers are unleashed and he shocks us all. Kind of like this.

A little stat cast just to give you nerds some numbers…

Just last week…

and some 2015 high lights ( kill me, i’m living in the past)


That’s Superman, Yankees fans.