Listen, I don’t give a fuck about this lady faking her homelessness to get money from strangers. If you give money to strangers you’re basically signing that money away for whatever happens to it. It’s not like you give homeless people money and they hand you a contract that guarantees they will spend it to better their life. In many cases, I’m sure you give money to a homeless person and they turn around and use it to get their next fix. That’s not on them. You can’t scream, “hey I gave you that money to get a new pair of socks, to keep your feet healthy! Not for drugs!” So I could care less that she’s scamming people. The only people she’s scamming are the people dumb enough to give her money. If you’re dumb enough to give her money then you’re probably getting scammed in every aspect of your life. That’s a you problem.

The real story here is that this lady ran to the drive-thru window of McDonald’s for help. The drive thru workers of McDonald’s! As if they have any authority on anything! Maybe her claiming disability wasn’t a lie after all. If you think the minimum wage fast food worker has any say over what happens in their parking lot you are a certified dummy. If you think they give a shit about you at all you are a certified dummy.

My favorite part of the video…

Fake Homeless Lady: Why are they doing this?
Mcdonalds Worker:


P.S. Imagine finding out a homeless lady is fake and spending your day stalking her with a camera then ambushing her and yelling at her. Jesus Christ guys, you may be more pathetic than the idiots that give her money.


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