More sad news coming out of England today.  Roger Moore, arguably one of the best to play James Bond, died this morning from a short battle with cancer. The first Bond actor to die. I hope all the living Bond’s get together at his funeral like when a President passes away. It’s an exclusive club and I’d like to think they carry membership cards or have monthly conference calls.
Moore wasn’t my favorite Bond ever*, but dammit he was good. I think he could’ve been the best but the era he acted in didn’t do him any favors. The 80’s… It was a time when movies were developing faster than the technology available. The result is some over the top cheesy action scenes that could’ve used some CGI to cover up the awkward acting. But whatever, he did the best with what was given to him. Watch him “kill” 90 people in some questionable ways here:


We all know him as James Bond from the 70’s & 80’s, but lets not forget his ground breaking performance in 1997’s smash hit Spice World:


*The Official list, and it’s undisputed:
1- Sean Connery
2- Daniel Craig
3- Roger Moore
4- Pierce Brosnan
5- Timothy Dalton
6- George Lazenby, obviously.
… David Niven doesn’t count. Nobody gives a shit about the first Casino Royale.