“What a joke that was” is exactly right. Not a good look here for flat-earth truthers. Of all the government agencies, NASA Is BY FAR the coolest, and least deserving of harassment. They are more or less independently funded at this point, they see beyond wars and international conflict, and they find and do cool shit. Whats not to like? There’s a reason why they give out cartoon friggen emblems stickers and wear special leather jackets. Their bad-ass, plain and simple.  Regardless of all the turmoil going on around the world, NASA, space ships, UFO’s will always be cool no matter what age you are.

And to say that NASA doesn’t care about American’s? Aside from being disrespectful, that just straight out libel. You put some respect on that name when it comes out of your unevenly shaved beard line. NASA doesn’t care about Americans?! Who do you think blasts away incoming meteors seconds before impact? Who’s sending Harry Stamper and crew up to save us all from obliteration.  Hell, their flagship HQ is named after one of the most iconic Americans to ever live. Kennedy Space Center, ever heard of it? No? Well its that huge building with a 200 foot American flag painted on the front. Largest in the world at the time, nbd.

So I  was glad to see the community ousting this guy from his local Starbucks, I enjoyed seeing him squirm around his insecurities ” your right, we don’t have to chat, your not the boss, but I’ll leave you alone anyway”. But what really warmed the cackles of my heart was seeing him blow his fucking lid Randy Marsh style once he left.

“Pshhh, now we’re outside… in beautiful ‘MERICA…. where I thought I can do what I want, and harass perfectly normal people after believing a couple Facebook posts, and accuse hard working Americans of lies and deceit while I caress my caramel machiatto.

NASA guy handled it perfectly too. Calm and collected, “get out of my face loser” sort of approach. Lets just say this Nathan Thompson is glad he didn’t pull this shit around Buzz Aldrin. He would have sent that beanie into another solar system.