(Action starts at around 1:10 but that build up doh)

Well that will get your pulse sky-rocketing! Nothing like starting your day off face to face with beast capable of crushing your sternum while making pulled pork out of your bicep. I mean look at those fucking claws. Yeesh.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.34.54 AM

I’m not a huge hunter myself, but I would gamble that this guy isn’t exactly roaming around post apocalyptic Alaska with the proper equipment. Intimidating primal grunts/ screaming for your life helps and all, but some heavy fire power is probably suggested when you are tip toeing around a bears living room with nothing more than some dainty bow and arrow straight out of Turok.  A 12-gauge perhaps? Some high caliber hunting rifle maybe? An automatic cross-bow a la The Walking Dead at the very least. It’s one thing to even out the challenge in the hunting arena, but if/when things go south and the animal decides to give me a taste of my own medicine, I’m going to need one of those tools that put us at the top of the food chain to begin with, A.K.A. a big fucking gun.

Also, one’s gotta wonder what the hell happened at the end there.  One second I’m watching a scene straight out of The Edge, and the next thing I know it’s like nothing happened. Guy didn’t kill the bear, bear didn’t lay a scratch on our camera man, and he’s instantly gone. Never to bee seen again. I’m guessing the massive dump blasted into that guys pants had an odor that repelled the beast, but nothing can be confirmed. Wild video.

P.S. If you haven’t seen The Edge I highly recommend it. A wise Anthony Hopkins and incredibly douchey Alec Baldwin get stranded in the middle of Alaska and have to fight for their lives against a bunch of bears.

No spoilers*