SOURCE  Boston police Commissioner William B. Evans said Tuesday that alcohol is often the main factor when bodies of young men turn up in city waterways — not a serial killer. “There’s no sinister plot out there,” Evans said during his monthly appearance on “Boston Public Radio” on WGBH. “There’s no one out there killing these kids.”
Evans said in many cases, police watch video surveillance that tracks young men from the time they leave a bar or club to the moment they enter the Charles River, or another body of water. “Sometimes, I think the kids are drinking too much, and we have to do a better job of watching their safety when they leave these establishments,” Evans said. “ … We’re trying to work with the clubs to make sure they’re not over-serving.”


I’m not going to take a cheap shot at the Commish by wondering how a geriatric mall cop has managed to take control of the Boston Police Department, because I know how he did it. His brother was the Police Commissioner from 1994-2003, not surprising nepotism is alive and well in Boston.
I won’t address the allegations that he is, in fact, the crypt keeper BUT I will tell you his nickname is “Mouse”, and never before has a nickname ever fit someone so well.

Anyways, to the point of this article. The Commissioner says emphatically “there is no serial killer”. How does he know that? Well because a lot of times he’s watched surveillance video of these guys entering the water.  But don’t worry, they’re trying to work with the bars and clubs to make sure they don’t over serve…. anyone have any questions?


Back up. I have 3 issues with what he said in that interview.

1- You watch these guys enter the water? That’s cool. Do you think you can pinpoint certain areas that could use a fence maybe? I understand that might not always work, but hey effort is everything.
Or how about do something crazy like tell the public “John Smith entered the water at 2:07am” during the search, rather than years afterwards in a radio interview. It would go a long way in giving us confidence in the BPD’s capability to conduct a search party.

2- Breaking News: The police are asking bars to not let guys get too drunk.  This is such ludicrous response to the situation. I’ll give him this: alcohol plays a part in most of these deaths, but not all. It’s too easy to just sweep this under the rug and blame it on the alcohol. I’ve been drunk and stumbling around the city HUNDREDS of times, the worst I’ve ever fallen into was a puddle. The real problem here is that Boston has an incredible amount of high access points to water (like docks or harbor walls) and almost no supervision or legitimate safety precautions to prevent this.

3- Maybe the most infuriating excuse he uses is the “Other US cities have had similar incidents, and authorities have said the vast majority of the deaths were accidents or suicides” OK cool- we’re alright guys! This happens all the time everywhere else. It’s basically the common cold of dead college guys.  Fuck off with that excuse. Either protect our drunk boys from the water or admit something isn’t quite right here.

I’m sure that some of these deaths could be accidents, completely plausible. But some are just too suspicious to ignore. Like Jonathan Dailey, the guy who was hanging out with his roommate in their apartment one night, and the next morning he vanished with nothing but his phone. He was found a week later chained to a cinder block at the bottom of the Charles River. It was ruled a suicide, despite no history or indication he was depressed. Because when I think suicide, I think chaining myself to concrete and sinking to the bottom of the river. That’s definitely not a murder thing and no cause for suspicion.

I’m no expert in this matter, just a guy who’s taken in interest in connecting the dots. I fully admit its plausible that these deaths are all just wild accidents, but I don’t think it’s possible to emphatically deny some connection in these cases as murders. I’ve stated before, when Michael Kelleher was found, that I have a couple theories that could be the truth. I want to add to my list here:

In my opinion it comes down to only 3 possible theories
A) Boston has a secret serial killer.
B) Boston Police can’t find things in water, don’t try very hard.
C) Boston Police are covering up these murders.

Yes, I’m adding this one to my list. It’s a cover up for something greater. Am I serious? Not really but it’s called a “theory” for a reason. Have you seen the movie Hostel? how about Taken? It’s not crazy to think some of these guys are being abducted and used for a certain amount of time and then drugged and dumped into the river.  Now close your eyes and picture the type of guy who would be in charge of keeping this quiet. He’s probably creepy, shady, maybe a little gross. Now open your eyes…


I’m NOT saying the Commissioner is responsible. I would never.

But maybe the BPD is ready to admit they are completely incapable of searching the river for dead bodies despite being able to pinpoint the exact location where the body entered the water.  Or maybe they’d like to admit that some of these disappearances could potentially be related.

Or maybe they’d just like to continue blaming the bars and drunk friends for letting their buddies die. That’s probably what they’ll do.