I had high hopes going into Wonder Woman. I wanted to love it, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of “how will they ruin it?”  These are the same people that somehow made Batman uncool, which is just an unbelievable accomplishment of failure. It had all the signs of being over-hyped too. Tons of trailer spots with even more press coverage. That Texas theater going female-only really threw gas on the flames of expectations. This is the first feature length, big budget super hero movie with a female lead, and they doubled down by going with a female director in her American debut. Can you imagine if this flopped? How bad that would look for not only DC but for Warner Bros? And how about for the women? They’d be furious! It would be DISASTROUS if this wasn’t perfect. A critic giving it a bad review would inevitably be called sexist by the internet. We all would! Because of a movie!!

Well thankfully for us, they did it… DC finally put together a decent good movie. It was exciting, flashy, and they even put together a strong story with a legitimate plot!! Imagine that!!! It wasn’t perfect by any means. I have some complaints, but overall it was something I’d recommend watching and it gives me some hope for Justice League.



  • I thought Amazon women were real. Like, they lived in some jungle African tribe or something. Nope apparently they’re just a Greek myth. Who knew?
  • It was pretty awesome seeing Clair Underwood train Wonder Woman to be a warrior. Too bad she didn’t get a chance to teach her how to manipulate politicians.
  • I loved Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she’s a believable fighter and obviously gorgeous BUT a coupe times her accent slipped and it sounded like a deaf person talking. No offense. Just facts.
  • Not for nothing, the suit is an iconic part of comic book culture, and I think they nailed it with the modern take, but it is SO foreign to the battle armor the Amazons wear. They should have made them all more colorful so the red/gold/blue made more sense.
  • I hate to keep comparing this to Marvel’s work, because it should exist in it’s own vacuum for a fair judgement, but the parallels to Capt. America First Avenger are staggering.  A super soldier being completely ignorant to the current world and going through the comical procedure of getting acquainted with the culture? Wonder Woman or Capt. Steve Rogers…. Oh and naming the lead actor “Steve” might have been a mistake, especially since he sacrificed himself while flying a gigantic plane filled with bombs.  But this was WW1 not WW2 so it’s COMPLETELY different.
  • It was a nice touch having Diana be right about Ares after all. So the crazy-lady routine wasn’t all for not. NEVER DOUBT A WOMAN DAMMIT.
  • David Thewlis was a weird choice for God of War… but hey it was a hell of a plot twist. No one saw that coming. No one at all.
  • Chris Pine is good at everything. Especially being a naked guy admitting he’s a “slightly above average man” to a woman who’s never seen a man before. Thanks for making us all feel slightly below average.
  • No clue as to what the history of Wonder Woman is, but the Native American guy was a weird throw-in. He didn’t do much aside from throw tomahawk bombs, send smoke signals, and promote peace. And his name was Chief…. Now that I’m writing this out I understand why thy didn’t focus on him. It was pretty racist. I’m surprised they didn’t give him a gambling addiction.
  • The battle between Diana and Ares at the end could have been better. Tighten it up, don’t let a battle destroy a quarter mile radius, and don’t have extended rests for dialogue or contemplation. Either fight or don’t. Don’t do both.


Critic Rating: 90%
Entertainment Score: 4/5 Popcorns

The story was great, it was developed properly and the characters carrying it out were full of interesting qualities. Every single character had specifics about them that made them interesting, which I’m not sure I’ve ever noticed in a movie. I’ll be honest it dragged in a couple places and could probably have been cut down to under 2 hours, but I’m happy to see DC begin to take steps away from the mistakes of Batman v Superman- which was all explosions all the time.