Wooooooo-Wee! Richie’s heated! No clue what the arguing as about, and yes there is some blatant sexual harassment there that will probably cost him his job, but the more this guy went off, the more surface area the shit eating grin on my face spanned. Loved every minute of this video. I mean how could you not get absolutely captivated by this guy. Someone get him the White House to be Trumps anger translator ASAP.

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I got goosebumps watching him do laps around that seedy town hall. Guy carries himself like a combination of Vince McMahon and Rick Flair. Strutting around with veins popping out of his neck, giving the three finger ( and sometimes the coveted double hand) point emphasizing  every word of “You would be so lucky to fuck me!”. I would say this dude is a politician straight out of Sopranos casting, but anyone who knows The Sopranos knows that the elected officials in that show were spineless public servants who usually ended up getting the belt. Not exactly Richies M.O.

He can be Trump’s anger translator straight out of Key and Peele.

Pretty ridiculous how long this woman goes spewing the same defense over and over again, thinking its going to successfully diffuse the situation. Even I was getting sick of the “49 people” and ” I wasn’t in the loop” comebacks she had.  Richie doesn’t exactly strike me as a guy who listens to anyone justify their actions. I picked that up around the “FUCK KIM, AND FUCK YOU TOO” line.  One  would think a child hood friend like Susan would know better by now, right?

Another thing: I LOVE when people go by adding an “-ie” or a “-y” on the other end of their name. Just puts so much more pep in their step.  Maybe its because I grew up about 40 minutes from where this took place, but I love hearing a good “Ay Richie!” or a nice “Oh! Mikey boy, hows it hangin”. I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t piss on a Bob if he was on burning, but a Bobby? I’ll lie under oath for  that motherfucker. I’ll bury a body for a Vinny, turn a blind eye when Sally boy is up to no good and I will sure as shit drop my ballot for Richie over here.

And not for nothing, what an absolute dump of a city hall. Water leaking through the roof, dogs running around, Holly Mangold moonlighting as security. These problems  run way deeper than signs falling off the window. The entire democratic system is hanging on by a thread down in Wayne. It’s Richies job to fix it, and he’s all out of gum.