Thought about this the other day as I wrapped up the third and final season of Bloodline. Can’t really think of a bigger fuck up than good ole’ Frosty. Maybe Frank Gallagher from Shameless, but at least Frank embraces his failures. I respect a man who does that. Frank knows how low he has set the bar for himself, so he has no qualms. Kevin on the other hand, is a Rayburn, and tries so hard to hold up the reputation that the name carries. Instead he ends up  pissing into the wind.

Episode in, episode out, there is always one guarantee in this show. Kevin Rayburn will fuck up something. Whether it’s minor or major, preventable or not, chances are Kevin  is smack in the middle of it. It’s getting to the point where every-time they show him, I start giggling a little. How’s it gonna go down this time Kevin? This scene, while agonizing and pretty depressing, had me rolling on the floor laughing.


Just a broken man spiraling into a mental state of shock. It’s like hes just on autopilot, but the autopilot was programmed some sadistic fuck who wants to see the plane crash.  Just so confused as to how the hell he got there. Turning on Bloodline and seeing him up to his own ways is like walking in on a toddler that colored all over the walls. Whelp, what did I expect.  Can’t even get mad at them, they don’t know any better.  Kevin “Frosty” Rayburn. Never change my friend.