Tag me in! Tag me in! What an epic display of team work. Forget the extravagant silicon valley group building retreats, if you want your employees to bond and learn how work well with one another, drop them in an outdated Burger King for a weekend and they will find out REAL quick what “synergy” is all about.

Just look at that approach and how streamlined it was. Almost like a pit crew. Get the guy with a far reach to head out first and lay a couple jabs, while the drive thru lady runs to her car and grabs her adorable little taser out of her glove compartment. In the mean time, our caped backpacked crusader will step on his neck and keep him down. All without any verbal communication. An incredible three pronged approach that could have been drawn up by General Patton himself.

The chemistry displayed here is that of a crew that deals with these derelicts, junkies, and cheap entitled assholes day in and day out. Customer demographic: Scum of the Earth. These employees fantasize with each other about the day one of them crosses the line and starts flinging cups, hobbling around like Daniel Day Lewis at the end of There Will Be Blood. When the time finally comes, they are more than prepared and more than happy to square dance on you.