4th of July weekend isn’t about movies or tv, it’s about eating a billion hot dogs and drinking beers and wearing your red/white/blue gear and watching things explode in the sky. I won’t tell you which movie is #1 must watch for 4th of July weekend because it’s not about MY opinion, it’s about America’s. So here’s a short list of categories


Want to mix nostalgia, America’s past time, and some good ol’ fashioned heart warming moments?

There’s only one movie to satisfy your needs. It’s The Sandlot.


Feel like getting down and dirty with some Aliens and watch America save the planet?

Independence Day is the movie you’ll force your children and grand children to watch. It’s the movie that gives you reassurance that aliens will never hurt us. Not on our Independence Day god dammit.


Want to watch a US President kick some ass?

We’d all be so lucky if Harrison Ford was our president.


Need a good dose of our Greatest Generation to make you proud of what our country has done?

World War 2 has given us some top notch movies. I’m giving you two options: if you have a only a few hours to kill, watch Saving Private Ryan

But if you got a ton of time and feel like binging for an entire day, well then Band of Brothers is the must-watch mini series for Americans everywhere.


WW2 not doing it for you? Need to get Revolutionary?

Fuck the British!! To hell with King George!! Let’s all line up and shoot other people lined up in a very orderly and respectable fashion!!!… great great movie. Even Mel Gibson staring in it can’t ruin how awesome it is.


Not in the mood for anything serious? Maybe you’re drunk? and like puppets?

There’s one movie and one movie only. Fuck yeah.