#VOTEX worked but it didn’t matter. Xander won the twitter vote for the final spot in the All Star game, but those dial-up modem fucks in Kansas City were at it again dominating the www. vote and got their man Moustakas in. Xander finished 2nd overall despite having more runs, hits, stolen bases and a higher batting average and on-base percentage. Xander > Moustakas.

But all that doesn’t matter. Xander almost broke his hand last night in his first at-bat after hearing the news of being screwed out of that last all-star spot.

Turns out its just a bruise but Xander left the game and we all thought the worst until xrays came back negative. Regardless, he’s getting a few days off to rest those hand bones because if we lose him we’re FUCKED on the left side of the diamond. Take a gander at out depth chart:

Sox Depth.JPG

If we lose X then Marrero and Lin are THE GUYS which is a crazy thought. Lin has been doing great but he’s young and he’s no Xander. Pablo is on the DL and can stay there for all I care, and Rutledge will be available at 3rd soon but again, he’s no Xander.  Imagine if we had a reliable and healthy power hitter on 3rd? Maybe someone like Travis Shaw? Oh man that’d be great. Thanks Dombrowksi.