Yeesh, not a good look here. (Accident at around 1:05)

Look, I’m not gonna go all tough guy and say that an accident like that wouldn’t hurt, traumatize, and possibly warrant some new underwear. Dude’s probably in shock and had NO idea the extent of his injuries. Lucky for him what seemed like it could have been a broken spine, turned out to just be a broken hand. Painful, yes. Gut-curdling like you are lying on the beach at Normandy? Ehhhhh. I have my reservations.

Regardless, the real question here is this: Why would you post this video?

If your a Cali Biker Mice from Mars that spends his weekdays breaking in leather leotards around his apartment, and his weekends shredding tight corners down Mullholland Drive, you have to exude a certain “tough guy” aura. Those dudes form a whole community on Saturday afternoons popping wheelies and showing off new modifications to their bikes, rocking a new flaming skull decal on their helmet. It’s a lifestyle. Now a video comes out of you sounding like Marv when he got electrocuted in Home Alone 2. Gotta burn that footage and murder everyone that witnessed/heard it ( entire state of California)