So Tarantino wants to do a Manson biopic. Uhhh ya think? Suprised this hasn’t happened earlier to be honest. Hell, Quentin would have been at Sharon Tate’s house with his 8mm if he could travel back in time.  Regardless, he we are. At the perfect time for a casting call blog. Confirmed its in the works, and nothing more. Its an open playing field, just how we like it. Lets get started.

Sam Rockwell:

Just look at the comparison. Instantly the first name I thought of. These two could be related for all we know. Aesthetics aside,  Rockwell is tailor made for psychological thrillers.  Moon was a total mind fuck, and he’s got plenty of experience terrorizing women from Charlies Angels. Total no brainer. Trim the beard, carve a fucking “X” into his forehead and lets get this bad boy cookin’.

Christian Bale:

Another choice that hits it out of the park with even more than looks. Aside from seeing him lose his mind in movies like The Mechanic and The Fighter lord knows we have all heard him nearly chop a production crew member into little bits during some shoot.

Hell, he may have more of a body count than Manson himself. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit. Also a great choice, but I remain a little woke on Bale becoming typecast as serial killer. American Psycho holds its own in the murder movie ranks, not sure if he’s willing to tamper with his own legacy

Vincent Gallo

No idea where the hell Vincent Gallo has been, but this could be a comeback role for the ages. Dude just drips creepiness. Ever since I saw Buffalo 66 and found out that he is indeed…from Buffalo… I have been convinced the guy always drives around with a couple bodies in his trunk. He’s got that look like hes one of the strung out dudes in the background of a Fiona Apple music video, and I think it would totally work for Charles Manson.

You welcome Quentin. Now get to work.