**Throw is a bit shocking, but run over part not really visible**


Wow. Did not see that coming. Usually its the hard ass 55 year old doing the dog slinging, not the Paramore music video extra with vacuumed jeans. No clue what happened leading up to this episode of New Jersey road rage, but I’ll take a stab. To me, it looked like a simple pulling out of a parking spot- near-accident thing. Ginger gumby goes to merge into traffic, Sunday Scott Steiner refuses to yield to “pussy ass eco friendly faggot cars” as he proudly exclaims to his wife and dog…and here we are: Round 1! Live from Montclair NJ!

Both of these guy’s seem unbearable, but in the end I have to side with our mustached mini vanner. Sure he’s a dick for starting the fight. Probably got a little ahead of himself.  It happens. Get in your car and call the cops.  You don’t just grab an innocent pooch and chuck him like you just got side swiped by Ron Burgundy. Our Lyft driver realized he wasn’t winning anything 1 on 1, so he pulled an ultimate pussy move and harmed an animal to look tough. For that, he deserves to be grabbed (preferably by that fog-horn leg horn hair of his) by a equal ratio of force and size (perhaps a back-ho or crane of some sort), and promptly chucked in the the same manner.

Poor little dog had no clue whats going on. Totally cold-cocked.  He went from enjoying the cool breeze from the back window to getting launched into the stratosphere in less than a second. Not fair.  It takes a real lunatic to get into a physical altercation in the middle of the road, but it takes a truly special psycho to harm a dog in retaliation for what its owner did. I hope this kid is found, charged, and bit at every time he passes a four legged friend.

Information from YouTube Page if you know this asshole.

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