My exact reaction when this happened was “Oh, what the fuck Ed” and I no longer cared about Arya approaching a crew of unarmed Lannister men.  That’s the reason you avoid cameos, they remove the viewer from the show entirely.  Writers work tirelessly to create an experience that the viewer can get immersed in, so why would they voluntarily throw someone in there to remove them from the moment?? Makes zero sense. I guess the whole reason Ed was there in the first place was to surprise the actress because shes such a huge fan…. which makes it so so much worse. I thought Game of Thrones was above that, but guess not. Judging by the backlash though, I don’t think they’ll be doing that again anytime soon.

(For the record, I don’t blame Ed here. The blame goes to the show runners and HBO for letting it happen.)

I have a very short list of the worst cameos in movies/TV. It’s now up to 3 because of this one. I’ll never fault a cameo in a comedy- because its supposed to be fun so whatever. I have very high standards for this exclusive list of awful cameos, and I think you’ll agree these are worthy of it.


#3- Mike Myers in Inglorious Bastards

Mike Myers is a comedian. This wasn’t a scene even remotely based in humor. I understand actors sometimes try and break out of their typecasts, but a lot of times they simply don’t work. Mike Myers is strongly routed in the wacky comedy genre so to throw his hat into this ring was a little misguided. They had to cover him with makeup to try and make it work- but it didn’t.


#2- Ed Sheeran in Game Of Thrones

I don’t want to hear your sweet singing voice, Ed. I want to see Arya kill you and wear your face so she can kill your family.


#1- Jimmy Fallon in Band of Brothers

HUGE moment in Band of Brothers. The men were marching into an impossible mission where they knew they would be surrounded by Germans in the dead of winter. They were low on supplies, didn’t have proper cold weather gear, and very little ammo. BUT WAIT WHO’S THAT?!? Oh that’s Jimmy Fallon coming to save the day with some bullets and a cheery voice. This was before Fallon was the big late night host he is today- this was when he was just an SNL cast member. Absolutely mind boggling decision to give him a roll in this mini-series. He’s just not a good actor.