I’ve been getting a little worried about our man Bo Dietl. Lately there hasn’t been many fireworks. He switched to running Independent. He blasted DeBlasio for going over to Germany to protest instead of attending a slain NYPD officer’s funeral. More recently he came at Big Birds jugular by retweeting the shit out of a story claiming he kicked homeless people off the subway for a photo op:

Other than that, kind of business as usual. Nothing really blog worthy. Its the dog days of summer when the pace of everything is slowed down, so I figured I would let the little things trickle in and do one big update at the end of the summer. Well after seeing that Bo added The Dominican Republic to his NYC Mayoral campaign trail, well I just couldn’t hold my tongue. Landed in Punta Cana? Well, time show some kids who the alpha is.

Momma there goes that man again. Dropping push ups in all the haters faces, while his campaign manager yells out “Bo used to lift hundred pound sacks” like hes a broadcaster for some Strongman competition. Sure it nearly killed him, but that’s the message he spreads around the world. Work harder than you ever thought you could, and good things will come. Some would call this look ” pure confusion” or maybe “crazy white people”.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 9.46.36 AM

But to Bo, that was hope.

Folks, they talk about pioneers in every industry. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. The thing that they all have in common is an uncanny ability to think outside the box, and problem solve against the usual standard practice. Bo needs to win the Dominican Vote in New York, so what does he do? Fly’s down to the D.R. to schmooze. Flawless plan. Use those campaign contributions to fly down to paradise, and start slinging slogans anywhere you can. While Big Bird is sweltering in the concrete jungle, Bo is down in an oasis yucking it up with every New Yorker/Dominican he can find.


I mean look at him. Posing with exotic women, chewing the fat at the buffet line with a couple of vacationers. If mayor doesn’t work out this guy could just be leader of the free world.  One small criticism I would suggest is to have Lurch the campaign manager step aside for photos like this. Guy makes everyone look short and wears slip on dress shoes like hes working a catering gig. Can’t have that next to a guy who knows fashion like the back of his hand.

To the untrained eye, this whole trip may look like a total waste of time on a demographic that can’t cast vote for the NYC Mayor race. Instead hes coordinating maybe the most intricate grass roots campaign ever pulled off.  The Dominican citizens all have family, business interests, and probably spend some time every year… in New York City. Bo gets in at the point of origin, and the word spreads like a wild fire. People talk about this nice man that “handed out coloring books to the schools” and “wants less crime where my mijo lives” and before you know it, you have the Dominican vote in NYC. Every one of them.  The next stop on this tour  is surely Puerto Rico, and then back home where he will probably be welcomed back as mayor already.


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