Nailed it.
He’s a little less bulky than the comic version, but that level of muscle mass would be impossible to achieve unless Brolin started doing Canseco/McGuire level steroids. It looks like they made him look older too… unless that’s just what he looks like without makeup to make him look younger… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hollywood does weird things like that and I can’t keep track of what actors actually look like. This is just another teaser on the road to Deadpool 2, which is less than a year away but still forever away. Waiting sucks.

So while we wait lets all try and figure out what that teddy bear on his toolbelt means.cable-josh-brolin-1025053.jpg

Popular theory is that it hints towards the appearance of Hope Summers, Cable’s daughter. That makes sense, and is probably the right answer, but I like to think the people over at the Deadpool creative dept. are just finding new ways to troll the audience. I mean, yeah he might be taking care of his daughter, but why the hell would he clip a teddy bear to his death machine belt? That’s bad parenting. The more likely answer is it’s just there to show that he may look like a bad guy, but he’s there to do the right thing. Probably saves some kid’s bear in a scene while fighting off villains or something, that sort of deal.

But yeah June 1, 2018 can’t get here soon enough.