Just how? How do you proceed with a plan like that with such blatant barriers stopping you from success? I understand highways are optimal runways, but come on my man.  I would say “Get a buddy out there to call ‘CAR!’ like its street hockey game”  but ironically this guy was vehicularly close-lined by a stationary vehicle. No one to blame but user error by the terror in the sky/road. I kick my shoes across the room to clear a path just when I pass by more than once, this guy should consider the same habit when entering Eastern Europe air space from a fucking highway full of automobiles.

Gotta be a trophy for our Chechen Evil Knievel. Guy used two modes of mass transit to paint his manslaughter masterpiece. Every other human involved careened around that oncoming aircraft like the first bend in Koopa Troopa Beach and went about their day like they just dodged road kill.