The Red Sox are doing great. They’ve got the 2nd best record in the American League, and 4th best overall. They are marching towards another post season appearance with a team that could carry them to a championship as long as everyone stays healthy. Everything is awesome!

Except the manager sucks.

WHOOPS! Yeah you can’t pull a pitcher when he already had a mound visit from the coach during the same at-bat. Pretty basic stuff.  Bottom of the 9th in a tie game against a division rival is the type of situation when the manager needs to be paying attention aware of the rules.

The Sox are having a great year and winning games, so it seems kind of weird demanding the manager be fired. But that’s where we’re at. I’d say roughly 20% of the games they lose are because of his bad decisions. His signature mistakes are dicking with the lineup and leaving pitchers in way too long, which is weird because he was a great pitching coach…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So with their record currently being 67-50, I don’t think its crazy to say that 10 games were lost because of Farrell being Farrell. If we had a cardboard cutout of Terry Francona sitting in the dugout then I think they’d be 77-40 which would put us at 2nd best in the MLB behind the Dodgers. Pretty good!

John Farrell benefits from having the best pitching staff in the league, and a team with potential MVP, CY Young, Gold Gloves and Rookie of the Year candidates. I don’t think the team benefits from John Farrell at all. That’s all you need to say.