Variety– ESPN produces more than 60,000 hours of programming each year — and the sports cabler has devised a few new ways to encourage viewers to gorge on more of that content than ever.

A new version of the ESPN App for Apple TV’s tvOS, available Wednesday, includes a feature called MultiCast that provides the ability to view up to four simultaneous live streams at once. On any given day, ESPN users can choose from 30 or more live events airing across its networks.

In addition, ESPN is releasing version 5.10 of its app for iOS and Android featuring a new “Watch” tab that lets users access live-streaming events and shows based on their favorite teams. The update also adds ESPN3 replays to the app’s existing on-demand highlights and long-form video.


Jesus CHRIST, are people really praising ESPN for incorporating something into their broadcast that’s been around since the 90’s? It’s called multi-view, or a 4 screen mosaic. I think when I had Direct TV it was called multi-cast. Whatever! Whatever you call it, just make sure you don’t actually buy that it’s anything new and revolutionary. ESPN is still the laughing stock of sports media. Still losing thousands of subscribers a month. Still made a fool of themselves after firing a bunch of good employees to compensate for decreasing revenue caused by an outdated business model. Let’s not forget this. Actually says a lot that they are just now coming around the corner to technology that’s 30 years old.

Did we all just forget that rich uncle we had? That uncle that was newly married with the man cave basement with the pool table and framed autographed jerseys. The room was never complete without an entire wall of audio/video equipment stacked to the fucking ceiling.  You know, the uncle who had satellite TV right when it came out and found himself divorced and broke within 10 years? Well I remember like it was yesterday hanging out with my pops at that uncles house watching Cops , NFL Football, Playoff Baseball, and The Jerry Springer Show on the same screen. Might of even had 6 channels on that bad boy, and this had to be at least  15-20 years ago. This was always the feature that people with crazy home-theaters would show off back in the day. ” Oh yeah… got a thousand channels, and the best part? Watch this” ** Hits some buttons** and Voila:

At the time it was mind-blowing there’s no doubt about it. I mean, still there’s even that little “OooOO and Ahh ” mystique when I stream from illegal football services my paid subscription with the NFL Network and throw up 4 games at once. It’s the best way, and the only way to watch sports on Saturdays/Sundays. I’m not saying this is a bad addition, I’m just saying it’s nothing new.  Convenient, yes. Revolutionary, groundbreaking, glorious, “Might be time for me to get the latest Apple TV”? Lets pump the breaks there.