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Hi I’m new to Half-Glass but have been writing reviews of this season on my old blog. I’ve read all the books and have taken a deep dive on the book subreddit so I’ll be writing from the perspective of someone who has read George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and may reference book theories/spoilers.

A couple of the finale promo pics were posted early on HBO India yesterday (wow they really have a problem with their international offices) so they said fuck it and released them all a few days ahead of schedule. As I’ve been covering the season on my old blog I figured I should start off here with a deep dive/overanalyze/throw out theories of what I want to happen in the finale. So let’s go:

sansa sitting

This one of Sansa is one of the less exciting ones released. Pretty sure this is her listening to the northern lords complain about Jon again and maybe even noticing that Littlefinger is the one instigating it this time. Think the scene is going to go with her defending Jon but telling the lords that she hears their complaints and will take it up with him but also this will be where she says screw it and decided to kill Littlefinger. He’s been causing trouble all season and while everyone else on the internet seems to think that just means she’s an idiot and is falling for it I feel like she has to be the one to see through it and kill him (or at least ask Arya to do it) or her whole character arc is a waste. Think about it – her whole story is about how she was a naive girl who has been taken advantage of since the first book/season and if she doesn’t end up out maneuvering one of the best at the game of thrones then her whole story is a wash.

bran 1

bran 2

Fingers crossed this is where Bran finally starts telling Sansa and Arya about all of the crazy shit he knows. Again, I’ve seen people bitch about this on twitter and in other reviews but honestly he’s seen everything that’s ever happened in the past AND we know he’s seen at least possible futures or hints of them so it’s not a huge leap to assume he knows that some bad things need to happen in order for everything to work out in the end. HOWEVA from a storytelling perspective it’s reached the point where he needs to either A. start telling them things or B. at least tell them that he’s purposely holding back knowledge or else the audience will continue to bitch and moan about it.

theon 1


Theon looks incredibly constipated here. But really I’m guessing this is his first reaction to seeing Euron and Yara again. Personally, I think they’ve combined the Victarion and Euron characters together from the book for show Euron and there’s a lot of fucked up things from both characters that would cause this look in Theon. If I had to guess I’d say it’s that Euron has ripped out Yara’s tongue and made her his bed slave as he often does to women in the books. Seeing your strong sister broken down Reek style would definitely cause Theon to clench up like this.

cersei pissed

cersei baby?cersei jaime fighting

I think these three pics are all from the same scene. Probably after Dany and Jon have shown the wight to Team Lannister and Cersei and Jaime are discussing what to do about it. Jaime probably wants to put aside all their problems and team up with the other armies to battle the Night King because that’s the type of guy he is while Cersei tells him they’ll agree to it but only so they can kill the dragons/betray everyone when the time is right. HOPEFULLY this causes the split between them that should have come a few seasons ago and guessing the pic of her holding her stomach goes something like, “you’re really going to side with the Mad King’s daughter and our vile brother while abandoning me and our child?!?”

jaime bronnarmy

These were both shown in the preview for the episode so there’s not much to discuss here. Guessing that Jaime and Bronn are watching all of Dany’s armies arrive and are saying “holy shit this is endless PLUS she has 3 dragons?!?”*

*They obviously won’t know a dragon has been killed yet

sansa snow

REALLY REALLY hoping this is when Littlefinger is bleeding out in the snow begging for mercy and she’s just watching him die like the badass chick she is. Maybe even toss in a line about how there’s only one thing she’s wanted/willing to fight for while leading him to believe it’s him and then tell him it’s her family as a callback to when he told Lysa that there was only one woman he loved but then said Cat.

jonjon tyrionjaime side eye

These last three are all obviously from the scene in the Dragon Pits where they show the wight to Team Lannister and ask them to join forces. Shooting from the hip here I’m guessing it goes Jon explaining that the real war is humans vs ice zombies and Jaime/Cersei scoffing at it. Then Littlefinger comes up vouching for Jon and that it’s real and this is when they’ll unveil the wight they captured. Cersei will immediately agree they need to work together which throws off Jaime hence the side eye he’s giving her. Hopefully somewhere during this scene Dany comes flying in on a dragon just to scare the shit out of the Lannisters because while I know Cersei is supposed to be going mad and thinking she’s smarter than everyone I’d still love to see her panic just a bit instead of being her normal cocky self she’s been all season.

If you haven’t already definitely check out the trailer for the finale below and it’s going to be 80 minutes long which is basically a short film so get pumped.