Hand up, I was wrong about Logan Lucky. I thought this would be a big “swing and a miss”. I thought it had too many people acting like dumb rednecks. I thought the Ocean’s 11 vibe was too strong and there would be no way this could compare. I was completely wrong.  Logan Lucky was great. It had me excited and laughing from start to finish. I knew it was totally far-fetched and could never happen, but they managed to make it grounded in reality just enough to give the heist some legitimacy. The only thing they got wrong was trying to make us believe NASCAR fans have money to spend*



  • Daniel Craig has been getting a ton of praise for being the wildcard bomb specialist, but Adam Driver quietly stole the show in my opinion. The trailer depicted him as a dumb, one armed handed side kick but he was actually the cautious and subtle voice of reason to Channing Tatum’s character. Without him this movie lacks soul, and Adam delivered huge here.
  • The bar fight scene might have been my favorite. Nothing made me happier than Clyde casually popping off the cap of a vodka bottle, walking outside while his brother Jimmy is getting the shit kicked out of him, smashing a car window, lighting the bottle on fire and throwing it in. Him standing there admiring his own work as the douchebag trio came running out of the bar in rage was such a boss move. I half expected some digital sunglasses to drop from the sky and land on his face saying “deal with it”. Unreal.
  • I might have missed it, but I thought the hairdresser with the hot bras on display was Jimmy’s girlfriend for like half the movie. Dressing like that around family is some true redneck shit.
  • I really hated how Seth MacFarlane felt the need to dress up in a wig and fake mustache. This was a feature length film, not a sketch on SNL. His disguise was less believable than the outcome of the heist. Was he trying to pretend he wasn’t Seth MacFarlane? because if that was the case, he failed. Probably the worst aspect of the whole movie.
  • I don’t think the Logan boys were angry enough when they realized they went through all this trouble of breaking Joe Bang out of prison just so he could put gummy bears and bleach pens into a plastic bag. Not worth it at all.
  • If you’re a NASCAR fan you might have noticed some real drivers appeared in bit roles, like Joey Logano, Ryan Blaney, Kyle Larson, Kyle Busch, Carl Edwards, and Brad Keselowski.
  • As much as I liked how the movie was going, I’ll admit I thought it was getting stale by the end. Especially when Jimmy just left the money in the truck and called it in with an anonymous tip. BUT I wasn’t expecting that little twist of only returning half the money and not telling everyone involved in the heist about it. Pretty slick move, pretty surprising, which bring me to my next point-
  • No fucking way would he be smart enough to pull that extra twist off. The way he executed everything perfectly, getting the gate to jam to buy himself some alone time to complete the other half of the heist, that could not have come from the brain of a guy who can’t manage to hold a job.
  • How about that random smoking guy who was in on it from the start? It was too random.  It conveniently completed the story and it should be bullshit, but I can’t call bullshit on it. I just can’t. It worked.
  • I liked the authenticity of having an ugly hick daughter, even though she was supposedly the child of Channing Tatum and Katie Holmes….
  • I’ve never hated Hilary Swank more in my life. Her character was such a bitch. Of course she was stalking them at the bar after she was told the case was closed. Of course she was there alone. She’s going to die alone under a stack of manila folders and cold cases.


Critic Rating: 75%
Entertainment Score: 4.5/5 popcorns

Loved it. I really loved it, but there wasn’t anything substantial about it to reasonably critique. It’s a fluff movie created to entertain people and make money. The purpose was to entertain the shit out of audiences and they succeeded in spades. I have no complaints.





*I can say this joke. I have a couple friends who are NASCAR fans.