I’m posting this just so I have an excuse to talk about the movie. The poster is kind of trash but then again I’d say like 90% of posters are – props to whoever created it for getting Plaza’s fuck-me eyes right though.

Trailer doesn’t give too much away but the gist of the plot is that Plaza is playing some social media crazy chick/stalker. I haven’t seen it yet but the reviews have been good and it’s been one of my most anticipated movies of the summer since I first heard about it.

This has to be the perfect role for her right? She’s always done the not giving a fuck/whatever goes/party chick vibe great but scroll back up and take a look at her fuck me eyes again. You know that’s a girl that you probably shouldn’t hook up with but after a couple of drinks you think “ah fuck it, she’s probably not that bad” smashcut to 5 months later when your credit is in ruins, she’s constantly showing up whenever you’re out with friends, and living with the constant fear you’ll come home to your car being keyed because you mentioned that female coworker in passing. Plaza hasn’t been doing a ton of leading stuff but I’m hoping this gets her 1. an Oscar nom 2. more recognition for her dramatic roles and 3. more headlining roles. If you haven’t checked out Legion you should – great show overall and she kills it. Plus it has this scene: