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Earlier today our boy Sheehan wrote about the VMAs. Great blog, everyone should read it. HOWEVA you should read this warning first: he trash talks deep fried Oreos in the blog. I know I couldn’t believe it either.

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By all accounts he should be a good guy. He’s a fantastic blogger, has a great woman who makes him appreciate the awesomeness of eclipses, and he got me to start blogging here instead of my rinky dink blog.

Yet I think I need to disavow him. This is like the Redwings with all the Nazis. I cannot stand by while Sheehan disparages the good name of deep fried Oreos. Now some of you out there may not have had them and are sitting there thinking, “I don’t know, Dave. They sound kind of disgusting and everyone’s tastes are different. Maybe he just doesn’t like them?” And I’m here to tell you that unfortunately that’s just not possible. Let me ask you a few simple questions: Do you like anything fried? Do you like Oreos? Well if you answered yes to either one of those you’re going to fucking love deep fried Oreos. He may be the only person in the world who doesn’t like them. They have that soft yet subtle crunch of a perfect french fry combined with the sweetness of that first perfect Oreo out of the package. Yes after eating one you feel like you might have a heart attack at any minute but it’s a small trade off for those brief moments of pure heavenly bliss while you eat it. PLUS they look like this:

deep fried oreo

Now I don’t use these words lightly and I sure as heck don’t like swearing but those are fucking adorable. Who can possibly say no to that? I’ll tell you who, only a man so evil he’ll try to destroy the world. So I think I’m backed into a corner – I have to fight Sheehan to protect both deep fried Oreos AND the world.