This song is an absolute BANGER. I’ve listened to it roughly 300 times in the past hour alone. It has everything you want in a song. It’s catchy, it’s easy to sing along to, it’s got a little bit/lots of angst and feeling coming through every line. GAWD DAMN it gets the juices going!!! Hammer that repeat!!

But it’s infuriating. She’s attacking Kanye again in the saga that nobody gives a shit about. Everything about this is over the top and drips of something a 16 year old girl would dream up. Taylor has to have surrounded herself with yes-men otherwise someone would have stopped her before recording that whole “she can’t come to the phone right now” bit.  You know which Taylor I wish was dead? The one that keeps thinking it’s a great idea to interrupt her songs with commentary. Kill that Taylor. But make sure to keep the Taylor that churns out solid platinum hits like this one alive. She’s the one we all love.

In summary: This song in a vacuum is the song of the year, but when you know the background of the situation its just a giant eye-roll.  So I’ll just angrily dance every time it comes on. I can’t not dance. Its IMPOSSIBLE.

FOTC Brett's Angry Dance.gif