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As HBO’s Hard Knocks moves on to its 4th episode this week, I felt the need to bring up a theory I have been working on since the show debuted. Ryan Fitzpatrick was brought in to Tampa to provide a stable option at back up. In the event that Jameis gets hurt, or gets sticky fingers the next time he finds himself in a Publix seafood aisle, Fitzy will be there to answer the call. At least that’s what they want us to believe….

Now while this was news to me upon watching the first episode, I couldn’t help but notice that Ryan plays a little bit of a different role your standard 2nd string QB.  Yeah hes on the roster. Yeah you see him in the background of practice twirling the ball on his open palm like your high school quarterback used to do while walking to class. But he’s never sitting more than 10 feet away from Jameis at any given time. Where ever Jameis is, Ryan is not far behind.  Always there to answer questions, or correct his grammar… wait a second. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick is Jameis Winstons personal tutor? Lets take a look.

Post work-out speech pathology exercises: Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.06.43 AM

Impromptu geography lessons when Jameis stands for the Canadian National Anthem:

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“Nope, no Jameis thats the National Anthem for Canada not the U.S. Canada is the country north….-on top of America”

And there to help Jameis through understanding rescue goats. Tough one for J-Boo to grasp.

Let me make something clear. I love Jameis Winston. Hes incredibly passionate and has a very smart FOOTBALL I.Q. Other than that, hes a bit rough around the edges. Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed off the football field, so I think having a polished academic around to clean him up a little bit will do him wonders. Lord knows he needs it.

We have all seen his pump up speech a couple years back…

His post game comments where he was so “Skrong”

And my personal favorite, when he was suspended for half a game yet showed up in full pads warming up like he was going to start. That look on Jimbo Fishers face is the quintessential “Is this kid that fucking stupid” look. Huge Jimbo on Jameis’ part.

Who better to mentor Jameis than a Harvard educated scholar who also can throw on some pads and jump in as a back-up if needed? Its a match made in heaven and I’m looking forward to Jameis coming out the other side speaking 3 languages while spending his off-season becoming a wine sommelier.