It’s truly an amazing time to be a Patriot fan. We unfortunately already lost one star player for the season but that’s OK because we have 53 others. Next man up. Yeah maybe we wont go 19-0 and probably suffer a mid season loss, but we’re a tough bunch and we’ll deal with that with poise and grace. It’ll all be worth it when we win the Super Bowl AGAIN this year.
Meanwhile, while the Patriots were signing free agents and assembling a pro-bowl squad over the off season, the top brass were quietly dealing with a major problem. Where do we hang our 5th banner?

HUGE issue. Life was easy a few years ago when we only had 3. They had a perfect spot on the corner of Gillette. 76137537.jpg

Beautiful, right? That 2001 banner was hung the same night Gillette opened for the first time. The plan was to continue hanging them as they did for decades to come. Only problem is there was only room for 4, maybe 5 banners. Shouldn’t have been an issue but WHOOPS we became the greatest franchise in the history of anything.

Fast forward to 2015 when they needed to hang the 4th banner. Well they could’ve kept doing what they were doing, but there was a couple problems: the banners were taking up all the standing room space, and they needed to be replaced every year because the wind would beat the hell out of them.

So that resulted in probably the worst decision the Patriots have made in the past 20 years. 487641328.jpg

Look at that. They made the banners smaller, left no room growth which as we know now was just outrageous, but most importantly they broke up the set!! You can’t split them up 2 & 2 and expect to get that feeling of “damn, look at all our banners”.  So now, only two short years after that debacle we have a quality solution:

Remodel the stadium.


This is the early shot we have of the new banners and location. They went ahead and removed the old Gillette Stadium signage and replaced it with a newer look that is aligned with the top of the adjacent towers. It creates a frame to display all our banners (together) which now stare directly down the field and between the goal posts. It’s absolutely perfect. There’s room to fit probably 3 more banners too. That should hold us over for the next decade but if not I guess Robert Kraft will just have to get creative and maybe knock out a few sections of seats. Banners take precedent over fans, I think we all can agree on that.