Briefly passed over this news this morning, and I figured it deserved mentioning. Shelley Berman was an established actor and stand-up comic for decades and lived to the nice ripe old age of 92. He won a Grammy, and was nominated for Emmys all the way up until 2008. Most of us know him as Larry’s dad in Curb Your Enthusiasm so he deserves thanks and praise for fathering one of the most hilarious and neurotic characters in television. I still use the word “Shmohawk” whenever I’m driving around, and its because of this man right here.

No word word as to whether he was involved in the upcoming season of Curb. He had sever Alzheimer’s leading up to his death, so his absence wouldn’t surprise me when the new season debuts in about a month. For now lets remember him to what he brought to such a fantastic show. RIP in Peace ya Shmohawk