no fatties

So I’ve been sitting on this blog for a few days. I started it Tuesday morning because on my way into work I got into a bit of an altercation. Before going into that though I feel like I need to say that I’m not against people who are fat or people who are obese because of legitimate health reasons

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HOWEVA people who are fat because they choose to be should not get preferential treatment. Now back to my story from earlier this week: I got on my train ready to head into work and tackle the day, it was a bit crowded but no biggie. We get a couple of stops in and a lot of people get off the train so I sit down in an empty seat so now there were 3 of us sitting in a section for four (see below pic for an example).

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The line up was: some lady sleeping in the corner, me in the middle, and an old lady at the end next to the pole so everyone had room and we could even fit another normal sized person no problem. At the next stop is when trouble hit. A large lady got on and looked at our open space with a hunger I’ve never seen before but I’m sure is in her eyes anytime she sees food and then she looked at me expectantly. I was confused, I don’t know this lady. Why is she staring at me? Let me go back to crushing it on Candy Crush. And then it hit me. She wanted me to get up because I’m a young man and she was an extremely overweight middle age lady. Well I said fuck that and went back to playing my game because 1. I was there first and 2. I actually do have a messed up knee and it was hurting that day and 3. in NYC it’s first come first serve and unless a person is super pregnant, ancient, or actually handicapped they don’t get preferential treatment.

I go back to Candy Crush (big candy crush guy btw – you need a way to kill time on the train definitely download it) and that’s when this WHALE OF A WOMAN (think about 5’1 and at least 220) sits down in between me and the old lady by the pole crushing us all. Now here you might be saying “well gee Dave, maybe you should have gotten up if only for your own convenience” and you wouldn’t be wrong but fun fact about me I’m stubborn as all hell so I decide to rough it out. Then this behemoth of a human turns to the old lady and says, “i can’t believe this guy won’t get up. it’s amazing how rude young men are nowadays” and I was SHOOK. I just sat there stewing in my anger and right as I finally decided I was going to say something to the crazy bitch we reached the next stop and she got up and off. I was dumbfounded. I looked out the window to see if I had actually won the fight and she was moving to a different car but no she wasn’t. This elephant of a woman had actually gone through that whole process to go one stop on the train! That’s like 7 minutes!!! She couldn’t stand up for 7 minutes straight?

Needless to say I was pretty pissed off over this whole ordeal and started writing but then I got busy at work and never finished the blog. Over the past few days I thought about deleting it but never got around to it and then this morning happened. I was sitting on the train, minding my own business, CRUSHING IT at Candy Crush Saga when I hear someone clear their throat over the sound of my headphones. I look up and it’s another fat lady (sorry ladies – I would have just as much a problem if it was a fat dude doing this to me too) and staring at me like she expected me to get up. Now this lady wasn’t as big as the first one this week just plump like a pumpkin (shoutout pumpkin SZN) but she still expected me to give up my seat for no good reason other than that she’s fat and wanted to sit. Luckily she didn’t try to squeeze next to me and ended up getting a seat a few stops down when other people got off the train but it made me realize something. We as a nation have gone way too far in the body acceptance direction.

Now I won’t ever say people need to be healthy, hell I’m an advocate for the greatest most unhealthy food – deep fried oreos, BUT if there’s no illness or injury keeping you from being a normal size you don’t get to have any preferential treatment. You just don’t. You chose to weigh more than a four-door sedan and now you have to live with the consequences of that such as you not fitting in seats on trains. You shouldn’t get to inconvenience other people just because you suck at making life choices.

Together we can stop these people from making our commutes miserable.