How’d you spend your Labor Day Weekend? Have a few morning beers? A good cookout with all your friends? Sounds cool. I bet that was fun.

How’d I spend LDW as a 30 year old who just bought a house? I slept in until 9:30am (WHAT!) and got “lit” at Home Depot with all the other adults looking to get their weekend warrior on. Check out this impressive haul: 

OH YES I DID. I picked up the 3 hottest items on the market for any new home owner. A sick high-wheeled lawn mower- Push of course, not ride on. That’s how you get a good workout in once a week. I grabbed the baddest sliding miter saw on the planet so I can cut literally anything in half. Oh and no garage is complete without a cordless trimmer/edger aka WEED WACKER. But that’s not all, you can’t see the stack of paint swatches that I’m gonna slap all over my walls, and a small arsenal of the best ant traps money can buy because I’m about to murder hundreds of colonies in cold blood.

So yeah, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend of partying and that crippling hangover yesterday. You’re looking at a guy who straight dominated the adult life this weekend…



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