Hands up – I definitely am one of those that think Bojack is the best original content that Netflix puts out. That being said, I think that’s why I’m so disappointed with this season. It’s not bad per se but it’s definitely the weakest season to date and that makes it seem especially bad after the incredible third season. If you don’t remember, season 3 ends with his former co-star dying of an overdose and Bojack running away from Hollywoo(d) and his life there.

bojack-horseman end of season 3.jpg

This season starts with a whole episode following everyone except Bojack dealing with his disappearance over the course of 8 months and shows how they all moved on without him – besides Diane who leaves him a bajillion voicemails like a stalker. The second episode is where we catch up with Bojack – living in Michigan going through his depression while living in his family’s old home and befriending the cranky dragonfly that lives next door. Loved this episode but it also felt like too many we’ve seen before. Yes it was at the beginning of the season instead of the end but we always get an episode of Bojack facing depression or contemplating suicide and at this point he either needs to shit or get off the pot. That sounds way harsher than I meant it too but there’s only so many times we can watch a guy wreck his life completely and then rebuild it. One plus I will give this season is that after this episode we don’t really get a ton of Bojack having more existential crises. He kind of just lives his life while everyone else takes turns wrecking theirs, but we’ve seen nothing that shows he won’t wreck everything good in his life next season so in the end if felt more like a holding pattern than actual growth from him. I won’t go into detail into the plots in case you haven’t watched yet but some highlights from the season are:

  • Mr. Peanutbutter and Diane’s relationship/storyline. Involves a dangerous ski race for the governorship of California and the A+ line of “I’m going to drill you and fill you with a mysterious substance that scientists are unsure of the long term effects of.”
  • Hollyhock, the mysterious girl who shows up to figure out if Bojack is her dad, is possibly the most earnest and innocent character since Todd. She’s just trying to make everyone happy while figuring what the fuck is going on in her life and that’s nice to get every once in awhile with a show this depressing.
  • Jane Krakowski and Matthew Broderick show up in a few flashbacks as Bojack’s grandparents and knock it out of the park. Their characters are exactly what you’d expect Bojack’s grandparents to be.
  • How the season plays with time. The first three seasons were pretty linear and took a few months respectively, but this season we get multiple episodes that take place over months (entire season takes about 2 years) and a few episodes that jump back and forth decades between scenes.

Long story short, it’s not a bad season I just felt like it was underwhelming. Definitely worth checking out though – especially if you’re already a fan of the series. Oh and if it turns out that this season of Bojack not fucking everything up at every turn is the start of him actually permanently turning his life around then I reserve the right to change my mind about this season not progressing his story a ton.

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