Of all the physically transformative actors Christian Bale still reigns supreme when it comes to weight changes.  He hasn’t really fattened up since American Hustle, but after the latest pictures of him preparing to play a young Dick Cheney, it’s clearer than ever that kings stay king.  We’ve seen him totally emaciated in movies like The Machinist and The Fighter  as well as borderline obese and pudgier than a bag of raw dough in Hustle.  I mean, the dude could be a spokesman against anorexia, sponsored by Met Rx and a candidate for a lap band surgery in the same breath. It’s wild.

When I scrolled passed the picture I thought maybe Christian got a little to close to the Barbecue over Labor Day weekend and sinched the ole’ eyebrows off.  Happens to the best of us, right? Then I remembered that he was signed on to play Dick Cheney in a satirical biopic detailing how the young  to-be vice president hustles his way into the right circles early in life. It’s directed by Adam McKay and also stars Steve Carrell as Donald Rumseld, as well as Amy Adams in an unknown capacity. Imagine anchorman, but with politics instead.

Oh and how did he pull this off? Pies.

Must suck when you live on a can of tuna a day to lose weight for The Machinist but comes back ten fold when you have to go the opposite direction. Fucking pies, ice cream, chocolate. Bring that shit on, I’m getting paid to look fat, by god I’m gonna get fat.