Preach darlin’ preach! It’s about time we get some sort of demigod to look up to within this  ever-malfunctioning cluster fuck we like to call a transit system.  30 years of this shit HAS to warrant some proper venting like this on a regular basis, especially when your one of those ” two huge bags full of god knows what” carriers we all cherish on the train. They get extra testy.

Let’s get one thing straight. Despite the title of this video, this lady is not crazy. Rude, yes. Angry, for sure. The only difference between her and the rest of us is she is just letting it out. We all have those same thoughts rolling around when we are at the mercy of the MTA. It’s not anyone specifics fault, we just want the entire organization to die a slow horrible death in a hot smelly tin can 50 feet underground, just like us.

We all know the feeling.  Sitting in a sweaty subway car, not moving for 15 minutes without any explanation. All of a sudden…the greeting bell. Ding Dong. “Ladies and gentleman, we are being held due to a…”

Is she crazy, or are all of us crazy for sitting silent through this constant mental sodomy? I personally was quite interested in what she was going to do “get even today”. Maybe pop the the emergency gate on the way out and set off the alarm? Perhaps move in between cars while the train is moving? This lady may want to be flagged by homeland security, because if there was ever a clear motive to attack the subway system, your looking at person of interest numero uno. Lord knows she’s got the bag space.

Also, I can totally get behind personifying the MTA into a single being. Dart boards with their face, voodoo dolls, praying for them to die like this wench here. Curse them into eternal hell when your late night express train chirps you with its horn as it blares by your face.  Need a face to the name. Picturing a mix between Kingpin from The Daredevil Comics, but with a stupid face like James Dolan.