First things first, this isn’t the official channel’s video so there’s a chance it’ll be pulled down. Reason I’m posting this one is because Crunchyroll has the rights to host the video for the first few days and aren’t putting it up on youtube yet. I’m planning on updating this with the official video once it’s live but in case this gets pulled before then you can click HERE to see the video on Crunchyroll’s site.

EDIT: Warner Bros finally put up the official video so I swapped them out.

Now that that’s out of the way – I was hestitant going into this video for a couple of reasons. First is that it’s 15 minutes long and very rarely can short films hold my attention for that long and the second reason is that it’s anime and not live action like the previous shorts released. That being said, I thought this was really well done and can see why they did it anime instead of live action. You’d need a massive budget to do it justice where animators typically get paid like shit so this was easier. For those of you who haven’t been following 2049 as closely as I have been this short depicts the start of the Black Out that occurs shortly after the original movie. Judging from the other shorts it seems the chaos caused from this is what allows Wallace (Jared Leto) to rise to power and be the antagonist (I assume) of the new film. As mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of anime but this definitely gave me some Cowboy Bebop vibes and if they decided to make a Blade Runner anime show that followed this style I’d definitely check it out for a few episodes at least.

If you haven’t watched the other shorts already I’d definitely recommend doing so NOT in the order they were released but in chronological order:

Blade Runner 2022 Black Out

Blade Runner 2036 Nexus Dawn

Blade Runner 2048 Nowhere To Run

I’ll be reviewing the movie next week once it’s out so keep an eye out for that! Also if anyone knows where I can snag a bottle of the Johnnie Walker Black Label Director’s Cut hit me up in the comments below or on twitter at @dgood826. I’ve been looking for one for weeks and no where by me is carrying it.

Blade-runner-limited-edition whiskey